Handmade in Italy synonymous with quality


Growth and innovation These are the keywords on which the company makes its strategic decisions

B.S. di SAMOGIN is an Italian company that produces and sells medals, badges, plaques and other items for sports awards and cultural events.

B.S.’s authentic Italian style can be seen in its quality products, sold at competitive prices. Over the years, the company has enriched its product range, introducing different production methods, including cold pressing, casting, engraving and metal screen printing.

During the production process, excellent-quality raw materials are used; these include standard materials (brass, iron, aluminium, copper, German silver, ormolu and zamak) and precious materials (gold and silver). In addition to a vast assortment of standard products, B.S. has, over the years, become a specialist producer of exclusive items commissioned by its customers .

The company is flexible, diversified and able to meet the most diverse of customer needs, both in terms of its speed in responding to requests and production, and in terms of cost. The company’s philosophy is based on attention to detail at all stages of the production process, ensuring it offers the best level of quality for every customer.