Here you can find out the full range of customizable POWER BANK we have to offer, so you can make them unique by applying your company logo!

Today you can customize them to book and purchase directly from us, are useful gadgets to give to all your customers and employees.

A Power Bank is a useful accessory that allows you to charge smartphones, tablets and more, at any time and with ease.

It works like a normal battery charge but no sockets: connecting your device to the Power Bank, this will send automatically recharging his energy and allowing you to continue using it. The Power Bank battery can then be recharged by attaching it directly to a power outlet and will be ready to have him back with you and always available.

Chosen the power model bank with its features and the desired capacity, it can be customized through various methods. The most widespread is definitely through screen printing 1 to 4 colors adaptable to plastic, wood and rubber metal. For the power bank in metal, such as for those in wood, the laser engraving can also be used, while for those made of plastic, for printing images or process, it is possible to use digital printing.

For more information contact us by mail: info@bs-incisoria.it or by phone at: 0438 492511, we also inform you about the costs that vary depending on the model and features you choose, however, they are already included in the quote graphic drafts, installations, customizations and transportation in order to always give a clear and definitive price, no surprises.

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