There are certain events which, over the course of history, acquire a certain importance and are worth remembering in the form of a truly representative item that is both original and tasteful.

The item needs to be something that can be kept forever, to preserve a lasting memory of an event, for example: COMMEMORATIVE COINS, minted specially for the occasion showing the date and a representation of the event.

Such memorabilia are always well received and kept lovingly by those who receive them, often proudly on show on a desk or bookcase, in their personalised box.

We were recently commissioned by a stamp and coin collectors’ association to make collector coins in memory of the one hundredth anniversary (5 December 1917 – 2017) of an important event in the life of Italian aviator Giannino Ancillotto, who was awarded the Italian Gold Medal of Military Valour, among his many other honours.


With the help of the customer’s trusted esigner, 3D models were made of the front and back of the coin, on which the bust of hero Giannino Ancillotto is figured in relief on one side, and an important moment in his military career on the other, this being the destruction of the “Drachen Ballon” in Rustignè di Oderzo in the Treviso area (Italy).

Given the importance of these pieces, high quality and high value materials – brass and silver – were chosen to make the coins.

The brass used is 4 mm thick. Some of the coins were made with a glossy brass finish, while others have a special matt black finish.

The silver used is 3.4 mm thick and, on customer request, the coins were polished but not galvanised.

During the production process, we used a closed moulding technique to cut out additional steps after coining, and to provide us with an immediately finished, freshly minted product.

Coinage is an important and distinctive part of our company production. The coining or minting process is an ancient art form, packed with age-old secrets and knowledge, which today is seeing real production development as it embraces modern technology.

Returning to our example commission, the coins were presented in personalised boxes, accompanied by a small booklet containing technical and historical information about the coins.

If this type of product appeals to you, you are no doubt on the lookout for a quality producer with solid experience. For more information about our production using special techniques, please send us an email at info@bs-medals.it or fill out the contact request form on our website.

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